Three insurance options

With a new suite of insurance options, Infinity gives you a unique selection of policies to suit your clients' needs. There are now three competitive insurance options, which means more choice for you and your clients.

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Fully customisable

Infinity eWRAP is fully customisable – to your business and your clients. Choose what your client needs from managed funds, equities, term deposits and insurance. And, as clients' needs change, you simply add new features. You can also customise Infinity to the fee-for-service that best suits your business and your clients.

Same price, more options

We're committed to providing a simple low-cost Core menu by offering even greater investment choice. You can now choose between two sets of actively managed diversified funds as well as a suite of index options for your clients.

Lower costs

Compared to other retail platforms, Infinity is a highly cost-effective alternative. Its low-cost Core offer provides real competition even when compared to industry super funds. See how we compare.

One platform for life

Infinity grows with your clients. Infinity eWRAP and the fully featured eWRAP platform ensure clients have a platform that will support their changing needs throughout all their life stages.

Save time

Advisers will save time with our unique features and functionality to enable them to advise individually and administer collectively. The unique, 'packages' feature lets advisers set up Infinity packages for different client segments.

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Infinity PDS

We’ve created a range of Infinity brochures, user guides and support material for you and your team.

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Infinity demo

Our demo provides a good overview of Infinity eWRAP, how it works, and why it’s the smart platform choice for you and your clients.